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              About Panther

              Panther Healthcare, founded in 2002, is a high and new technology company combining R&D, manufacturing and sales. It mainly develops and manufactures surgical stapling and minimally invasive endo surgery products and distributes through its global sales network. With over 200 intellectual property rights, Panther Healthcare was honored with multiple national prizes and awards. Its products have penetrated 2000+ hospitals in more than 60 different countries, and its sales revenue is number one ranking among domestic stapling manufacturers and number three globally. Panther Healthcare is dedicated to providing a professional and systematic surgical solutions platform for patients ‘needs, standing at the forefront of the domestic industry as well as on the international market.

              Our Capabilities

              Our organization aims to provide cost-effective surgical solutions that enhances clinical outcomes to the worldwide community. With this in mind, we invest heavily in team members, R&D, advanced technologies and manufacturing plants. We are currently functioning with two production sites of nearly 6000 ㎡ in which we have a cleaning room built by 10k grade and managed by 100k grade (in line with environment management requirement for disposable sterile medical products). We also have a biological lab and our own sterilization center certified by ISO 11135.

              Panther Surgical Academy

              Panther Healthcare makes tremendous efforts to organize surgical trainings, master classes, clinical immersions and other activities in different parts of the world to make a valuable contribution to its customers’ development, thus building up stronger relationships and trust in such an important and sensitive field as surgery.
              Panther always provides a platform for surgeons from domestic and overseas markets to share and communicate the most complicated cases with knowledgeable and skilled faculties.


              Contact Us

              Panther Healthcare Medical Equipment Co., Ltd


              Tel: 8610-80789058


              Email: service@www.shzstk.com

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